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Events in Canterbury, 11-12 May

Improvising in Space Workshop and panel discussion - Thursday 11th of May

Musicians in Space performance – Friday 12th May.

All events are free

Improvising in Space Workshop – Facilitated by David Leahy

‘Improvising in space’ is a workshop for researchers and practitioners of improvisation-based performance which aims to look at the three inter-related aspects of an improviser’s practice; embodiment, listening, and responding.

The workshop will explore the intrinsic embodied nature of an improvisatory process which transcends disciplinary boundaries. By exploring our varied methods of multi-sensory listening, we will ask how improvisers may perceive and describe their relationship to the performance environment and what approaches can be shared amongst us. We will then focus our attention on how our experiences of the past and the present combine to inform our choices, both conscious and pre-conscious, of what we hear in our environment and the ways in which we respond.

The aim of the workshop will not be to find definitive answers to questions, but rather to generate further avenues of questioning and ways of approaching improvisation.

Panel discussion

Following the afternoon workshop a panel discussion will provide an opportunity to broaden the discussion and hear the thoughts of experienced improvisers, from a range of disciplines, with questions offered by the audience.

For further information and to reserve your space on the workshop, contact via or 01795 533479.

Musicians in Space Performance. - Friday 12th of May. 6pm.

‘Musicians in space' is based on the argument that the formal separation and the static positioning of the audience and performer, does little to support a musical process, such as free improvisation, that is supposedly built on the close inter-relationship of all the elements of a performance ecosystem.

Accordingly, all the ‘musicking’ participants, the improvisers and listeners, are invited to build on their existing understanding of a free improvised performance and change position during the performance to explore the spatial dimension of the performative experience.

Timetable of events -

Thursday 11th of May

12:30 – 13.20 - Lunchtime concert
13:30 - Workshop arrival refreshments
14:00 – 17:00 - Workshop
17:00 - break
18:00 – 19:15 – Panel discussion (featuring – Philipp Wachsmann, Matt Wright, Kathy Crick, Sam Bailey, and Tim Long.

Friday 12th of May

18:00 – 20:30 – Musicians in Space performance (Part of PhD research project)

Venue (for all events on both days)

Sidney Cooper Gallery
22-23 St Peter's St,
Canterbury CT1 2BQ.


The generous support of the Sidney Cooper Gallery and the Centre for Practice based Research into the Arts (CPBRA) is gratefully acknowledged in making this workshop both possible and free to participants.

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