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Methodological considerations - Method and process

Research method and process

Documentation process

Each performance within the study will be filmed and recorded, using multiple cameras paired with binaural microphones. This process is aimed to stress the very visual nature of the live improvised performance, while also capturing the sound in a way that it reflects the differing atmospheric conditions experienced by each camera or prospective virtual listener.

This process of multiple capture then allows the internet-based listener the unique opportunity to switch between different vantage points as if they were active audience participants at the original event.

Post-performance discussion

Following each performance an open discussion will offer an opportunity for everyone present to reflect on their personal experience of the performance. This will begin initially as a sharing of thoughts amongst the performers, before being opened out to the audience members also.

Rather than it being an interview where specific questions are tabled for others to answer, this process will be an opportunity for every individual to share their personal experiences and to pose rhetorical questions that will be left unanswered. By doing so, this research will emphasize the potential to view each performance and experience from multiple perspectives, which can be seen to open up to the complexity of, rather than close down and generalise, the human social condition that makes free improvised music possible.

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