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Translated Space   - David Leahy and Philipp Wachsmann (2019)
Translated space is the first release of the duo comprising of Philipp Wachsmann on violin and David Leahy on bass. Philipp has been working with improvisation processes since 1969. David, originally from New Zealand, has been combining improvised music and movement in Europe since 1999. Both musicians are long term members of the London Improvisers Orchestra and first played in a small ensemble together in 2001.
A prominent feature of the duo is their amazing awareness of the spatial potential with in improvised music. This leads to an unusual sound choreography full of unexpected interactions, active listening and novel choices. This has undoubtedly been influenced by the many hours the two have spent discussing the connection between music and movement, and David’s PhD research which focuses on the performance of free improvised music within a physically spatialized context. 
While extending their musical dialogue outwards, beyond the sonic and towards space, the two musicians celebrate their love of musical invention. Along the way, the personalities of the two stringed instruments open up and offer ‘truths’ to the listener. The spatiality of the music is reflected in the track titles which play with the idea of a journey through an ever-changing landscape. Emerging from 7 separate takes, the12 tracks on the cd largely reflect the order in which they were recorded. Where consecutive tracks originate from the same take, the link between the track titles hint at this connection.
The art work, by Catherine Hope-Jones, features still images from footage from two spatialized performances in Canterbury in 2017. It wonderfully portrays the feeling a space, place and movement that all feature so heavily in the music of this duo.


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the world turned upside down - miserichords (2019)

Miserichords is made up of Mavernie Cunningham (voice), Will Glanfield (alto clarinet), and David Leahy (double bass).

The journey through a world turned upside down began with six poems, which were later expanded and developed musically. The tracks range from completely improvised, through semi-structured, to reworked collages of text and music. These works offer perspectives on our lives that may only be revealed over time. In this way, they resemble the hidden carvings concealed under many church seats - carvings which provided the trio with their name - Miserichords.

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Elation - Mitch Heinrich, Christoph Irmer, and David Leahy (2018)

Improvisations featuring vocalist Mitch Heinrich and string players Chistoph Irmer and David Leahy.

It was recorded in Wuppertal in March 2018.


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finger painting - David Leahy solo (2006)

A solo cd featuring improvisations and compositions for double bass (with the odd bit of piano on a few tracks). It was heavily inspired by the work I have done with contemporary dance and theatre companies over the last few years and features a very varied selection of material.

I found a track for every exercise I taught. A fantastic CD for Contemporary Dance class, with lots of variety.

Caroline Lofthouse (dance teacher - Roehampton University)


cd album

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Mopomoso 2013 UK tour - 4 cd box set




Alison Blunt / David Leahy / Benedict Taylor

Sold as part of the cd box set

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Dag und Duster - Daun Ensemble (2014)

A debut album from Germany based trio featuring the Daun brothers and David Leahy (originally from down under). It is a truly unique mix of Harp, Bagpipes, and double bass, playing a wide variety of music from across Europe and the centuries.





The Pioneers - (2008)

The Pioneers is best described as musical storytelling and is the creation of the combined talents of vocalist Angeline Conaghan, guitarist Ben Brewer and double bassist David Leahy. The show tells the stories of three of their ancestors who journeyed to New Zealand in the mid 1800’s with the hope of a new life full of new opportunities.

This album beautifully captures the live quality of the music performed in the show. Recorded in June 2008 at Stereo studios by Terje Evensen, and mastered at Livingroom (both in Oslo, Norway).

£10 (plus postage)


Recording is also available with either a soft or hard cover book that contains a collection of the images and poetry from the show.

Soft cover book £25 (plus postage)

Limited edition Hard backed book
£35 (plus postage)



Solo and FoA.1

FoA (Fate of Animals) features myself (db, loops and samples) with guitarist Aaron Robertson. With the slow controlled buildup of the two pieces and the constant shifting of musical focus between the two of us, this recording still excites me as does every opportunity we get to play together.

£10 (plus postage)

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small groups

lio lio

The London Improvisers Orchestra - Several releases

Featuring some of the leading names on the Free Improv scene, this band still leads the way in large group improvisations that continue to offer the individuals inside the group some level of authority, with the balance between being told what to do by a conductor and simply playing what you like always being juggled. On this album though I think the mix is the best out of all the recordings I have been involved in with this Orchestra.

Available from Emanemdisc


Wivid - Summer Solstice

Recorded live at the Klinker Club, London. the recording features the constantly surprising, cabbage hat wearing Hugh Metcalf on violin and guitar, Mike Johns on soprano saxophone, myself on double bass and Will Evans on his delicate home-made drumkit (for want of a better word).

This album is pretty much a straight ahead and conventional improvisational album, with the added twist of the having the introverted musical relationship of Mike and Will constantly being challenged by the at times very extroverted world of Hugh Metcalf with me somewhere in the middle.


La Strada - Lucky Days

A lively mix of Eastern European gypsy, folk and original material. Recorded 4 years ago the cd features Gundula Gruen (Violin), Janie Armour (Piano Accordian) and myself on double bass.


c l bob - c l bob

Original Jazz compositions from all the members of this quintet including myself. This album for me has an adventurousness in both the playing and the compositions that makes it timeless and one I am very proud of.

Yellow Eye 1997


Brouhaha - Livelong

This original project which unfortunately came to an end when I left New Zealand still holds very fond memories for me and some really good music for everybody in my opinion.

Yellow Eye 1997


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